Rumput and Bread & Puppet Theater Company at Highpoint Gallery

World Famous Bread and Puppet Theater visits Richmond on a rare 14 week tour across the continent!

BASIC BYEBYE SHOW: A manifesto on transformation, inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s apocalyptic woodcuts and the daily news.

“The Basic Byebye Show originally set out to define and illuminate the need for basic byebyes in our culture, but has progressed to respond to the event of regular mass shootings, in particular the massacre in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida”, says director Peter Schumann. “The theme is the birth of the gun by the 2nd Amendment Holy Bull, presided over by James Madison, which leads to the routine occurrence of horror and ends with the funeralization of that ill-conceived symbol of a free people.”

The Basic Byebye Show expands on the traditional byebyes of funerals and train stations by turning byebye-saying into a political act. It helps us say byebye to the gun – as a practical tool for massacre-making, as a symbol of “freedom,” as an instrument of political influence, and as an economic dependency. The show mourns the victims of gun massacres and turns this mourning toward the transformative political possibility of saying byebye to the gun once and for all.

After the performance Bread and Puppet will serve its famous free sourdough rye bread with aioli, and Bread and Puppet’s “Cheap Art” – books, posters, postcards, pamphlets and banners from the Bread and Puppet Press – will be for sale.

Rumput opens at 7pm, featuring crankie shadow theater, and traditional and experimental music. We will perform Akar, our retelling of the Jack & the Beanstalk tale, fresh off our tour of Java.



Rumput w/ Khmer Magic Music Bus

The Khmer Magic Music Bus helps Cambodian master musicians and their students return traditional music performance and education to the people of rural Cambodia, one village at a time.

Rumput will play a brief opening set.

Donations for the KMMB and their mission are much appreciated!

Transcendental Showcase @ Rhizome DC

Rumput with Falsa and Kamyar Arsani

Falsa performs 14th century Sufi music, described as ” the cure for alienation” and “music that’s not about means to ends but about meaning and transcendence. Umer Piracha on Vocals, accompanied by Siddharth Ashokkumar on Carnatic Violin, Tom Deis on Guitar/Harmonium, Paul Arendt on Lead Guitar, and Greg Foran on Percussion. The effect of listening to Falsa is to be transported both inwards and across centuries of joys, sorrows and longings.

Kamyar Arsani is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Kamyar’s musical mission is to spread cultural awareness and unity by mixing contemporary musical trends with traditional Persian folk music. Kamyar has spent over 20 years performing and researching the daf and its roots. Kamyar’s songs and performances are very much inspired by the people of Iran and their history of struggle and protest.

$10 suggested donation.


Akar — US Premiere at The Roundhouse

Just back from our tour of Java, a year of cultural scholarship in Indonesia, and a semester of intensive study with Javanese master musician Danis Sugiyanto, Rumput is eager to present Akar (“roots”) to our hometown friends. Akar, a musical, graphic, and kinetic retelling of the tale of Jack & the Beanstalk, is the culmination of our research and practice in Indonesian and American art traditions these past 4 years.

This kid-friendly event will feature music, crankies (scrolling panoramic paintings), and puppetry. Join us!

$5 suggested donation.

Free parking along Boulevard, beside the Tennis Courts.