Rumput, Gamelan Kusuma Laras, and Boxcutter Collective at Jalopy

Doors at 7, Boxcutter Collective 7:30-8:00, Gamelan Kusuma Laras Small Ensemble 8:00-8:30 Rumput 8:30-9:30. $10.

Rumput plays a style of Indonesian street music called keroncong which they blend with old time Appalachian music. They use shadow theater and a style of scrolling artwork called a cranky to accompany their music.

Gamelan Kusuma Laras will be bringing a small ensemble to perform classical Javanese gamelan. They are based in NYC and have performed at Wesleyan, Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and more.

Members of Bread and Puppet form the Boxcutter Collective, a Brooklyn based puppet troop, to present: “The Banks are Made of Marble.” A 25 Minute hand puppet show starring the great Judy as she navigates solutions for being poor, evicted, and dealing with dental problems in NYC. Desperate times call for desperate measures! What will Judy learn about the banking system and the relationship between debt and money, consumption and growth? Classic puppetry in our modern times.

Rumput + Benjamin Vaudeville et André Daneau + Molly Bower + Jesse Orr at La Plante, Montréal

Rumput plays a style of Indonesian street music called keroncong, often blended with old-time Appalachian music, and accompanied by shadow theater and crankies (scrolling panoramic artwork).

Benjamin Vaudeville et André Daneau harmonica Duo

Jesse Orr will be performing crankies at various locations within the venue through the night.

Molly Bower will warm up our eyes with a few shorts from the roots of cinema – early “movies” that experiment with rhythm, motion, and storytelling. Technological contemporaries of the “cranky” and ancestors of cinema.

Grace Street Theater show with Gamelan Raga Kusuma, dancers, and more!

Poster by Lee Wall, raison

Come celebrate 10 years of Gamelan Raga Kusuma at the anniversary concert!  This show features a highly diverse survey of Indonesian arts, and is kid-friendly.  Get your tickets while you can!

Update 2017-03-20:

Fantastic show to a capacity crowd at GST!  Here we are performing in front of our beloved Javanese and Balinese gamelan instruments from Gamelan Raga Kusuma, and the public debut of the rabbit from our newest crankie, “Silver Dagger” by Hannah Marie Standiford:

Open call for crankie artists!

Rumput is seeking an artist to produce a crankie (panoramic scrolling artwork) to accompany a song for our live shows.  Submit a proposal including a brief outline of your concept and a miniature scroll as a work sample — any size or medium (receipt paper, electronic file, etc.)

One artist will be chosen to create a full-sized crankie to be used in live performance. We will provide a 36” tall roll of Tyvek for the final piece. (You’re free to use other materials too, but it must be as tough and translucent as Tyvek.)  If we use your work you will receive a percentage of the proceeds every time it is used.

Proposal Deadline: March 24th

More info on crankies: